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There are 50 Achievements in the Xbox 360 and PC versions and 51 Trophies in the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV. While Xbox 360 achievements were available from the beginning, to obtain trophies on the PS3 the player must have at least version 2.41 of the PS3 firmware and version 1.03 of GTA IV. Saved games from before these updates will not support trophies, so the game must be restarted. Some achievements/trophies are blocked by the use of cheats. The Xbox 360 and PC achievements are worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore points. On the PC, achievements are tracked through the Games For Windows Live! system. Since Games For Windows Live! is essentially the Windows equivalent of Xbox Live!, the achievements are identical and work in exactly the same way on both systems. More achievements are added with The Lost and Damned downloadable content.

Achievement/Trophy Name Achievement Points
(360, PC)
Trophy Color
Off The Boat 5 Bronze Complete the first mission, "The Cousins Bellic".
Fed The Fish 5 Bronze Complete "Uncle Vlad".
Lowest Point 5 Bronze Complete "Roman's Sorrow".
Gracefully Taken 10 Bronze Complete "I'll Take Her".
Impossible Trinity 10 Bronze Complete "Museum Piece".
Full Exploration 20 Bronze Unlock all islands.
That Special Someone 10 Bronze Complete "That Special Someone".
Driving Mr. Bellic 10 Bronze Unlock the ability to ride one of Roman Bellic's taxis
by raising his "Like" statistic to 60% or more.
Retail Therapy 10 Bronze Unlock the ability to purchase guns from Little Jacob
by raising his "Like" statistic to 75% or more.
That's How We Roll! 10 Bronze Unlock the ability to ride Brucie Kibbutz's helicopter
by raising his "Like" statistic to 75% or more.
Dial B For Bomb 10 Bronze Unlock the ability to acquire bombs from Patrick McReary
by raising his "Like" statistic to 75% or more.
One Hundred and Eighty 10 Bronze Score 180 points with three darts (three triple 20s)
in a darts game.
Pool Shark 10 Bronze Win a game of pool against a friend.
King of QUB3D 15 Bronze Beat the QUB3D high score.
Gobble Gobble 10 Bronze Score a turkey (3 strikes in a row) in a game of bowling.
Courier Service 10 Bronze Complete all 10 Drug Delivery missions.
Order Fulfilled 10 Bronze Complete all 10 Exotic Exports missions.
You Got The Message 20 Bronze Deliver all 30 cars requested by Stevie.
No More Strangers 5 Bronze Meet every random character.
Cleaned The Mean Streets 20 Bronze Use a police computer in a police car to "View Current Crimes"
and capture (kill) 20 criminals.
Manhunt 15 Bronze Use a police computer in a police car to "View Most Wanted"
and complete all 30 Most Wanted missions.
Assassin's Greed 20 Bronze Complete all 9 Assassination missions.
Finish Him 15 Bronze Complete 10 melee counters within 4 minutes or less.
Wheelie Rider 30 Bronze Do a wheelie on a motorcycle for at least 500 feet.
Rolled Over 30 Bronze Roll your car 5 times in one crash.
Walk Free 50 Bronze Evade a 4-star wanted level.
Chain Reaction 20 Bronze Destroy 10 vehicles in 10 seconds or less.
Genetically Superior 25 Bronze Achieve first place in 20 (single-player) races
(given by Brucie Kibbutz).
It'll Cost Ya 5 Bronze Without skipping from one island to the next,
complete an entire taxi ride.
Sightseer 5 Bronze Take each of Liberty City's five helicopter tours.
Warm Coffee 5 Bronze Have a successful date with a girlfriend
to get invited into her house.
Half Million 55 Bronze Possess $500,000
Under the Radar 40 Bronze Fly a helicopter under all 15 major bridges.
Teamplayer 10 Bronze In Multiplayer, kill at least 5 players that are not on your team.
Cut Your Teeth 5 Bronze Earn a rank promotion in Multiplayer.
Join The Midnight Club 10 Bronze Achieve first place in a ranked Multiplayer race
with damage enabled, but minimal damage to your vehicle.
Fly The Co-op 15 Bronze Complete Deal Breaker in under 7 minutes 4 seconds,
Hangman's Noose in under 2 minutes 32 seconds,
and Bomb Da Base II in under 5 minutes 56 seconds.
Taking It For The Team 10 Bronze Have your team win in all ranked Multiplayer games.
Top The Midnight Club 20 Bronze Achieve first place in 20 different ranked Multiplayer races.
Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic 30 Bronze Play as both sides, and win as each one,
in all ranked Multiplayer variations, races,
and also Cops 'n Crooks.
Top Of The Food Chain 10 Bronze In a ranked Multiplayer deathmatch,
kill 20 players with a Pistol.
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie 10 Bronze In a ranked Multiplayer match,
kill a Rockstar Developer or a person linked to one such killing.
One Man Army 40 Silver Maintain a 6-star Wanted Level for 5 minutes
without getting Busted or Wasted.
Liberty City (5) 20 Silver Meet all available friends
and attain a 90% "Like" statistic
with all that are still alive.
You Won! 60 Silver Complete the final mission,
"Out of Commission" or "A Revenger's Tragedy".
Dare Devil 30 Silver Complete all Unique Stunt Jumps.
Endangered Species 50 Silver Collect all Hidden Packages (flying rats).
Wanted 20 Gold Achieve the highest rank possible in Multiplayer.
Liberty City Minute 30 Gold Complete all Storyline Missions in less than 30 gameplay hours.
Key To The City 100 Gold Achieve 100% Completion.
Taking A Liberty (PS3 only) Platinum Obtain all Trophies.

For tips on how to get some of these Achievements/Trophies, go to the Trophies/Achievements section of GTA IV Tips.

The Lost and Damned[]

The following achievements are exclusive to the first DLC episode The Lost and Damned for Grand Theft Auto IV, and hence availible only on Xbox360.

Achievement Name Achievement Points Requirement
Full Chat 70 Build Terry and Clay’s toughness to 100%
through missions and gang wars activities.
The Lost Boy 25 Complete "This Shit's Cursed".
Get Good Wood 50 Knock 69 bikers off their rides during races with the bat.
One Percenter 5 Complete "Clean and Serene".
Easy Rider 100 Complete "Get Lost".

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