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Adam First is the co-host of The Wave 103 in 1984 and, by 1986, the stations sole host.

== Description ==
Like most DJs in Vice City, Adam believes that his kind of music is the best, and fancies himself a music connoisseur. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, he mentions his liking for money, is a big fan of hang gliding, despises music videos because they show that the artists' looks are more important than actual talent, and insists that his mother had "nothing to do" with his "personal choice" of going into radio.

Similar to the situation with the earlier version of V-Rock and Flash FM circa 1984 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Wave 103 in 1984 features two hosts, the British Trish Camden and American Adam, who have conflicting personalities which lead to much argument on the radio.

Adam makes a cameo appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a caller to the conspiracy theory show Area 53 on WCTR in 1992. He says that while hang-gliding in the Bone County, he saw a man at a trailer compound performing strange rituals with a Domestabot. The show host Marvin Trill (who is later revealed to be the man that Adam saw) tells him to get a real hobby and hangs up.

In all his appearances, Adam First is voiced by Jamie Canfield.

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