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Accidents Will Happen

Game:' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

For: Reni Wassulmaier

Location: Interglobal Films

Target: Stunting

Unlocks: The Colonel's Coke

First Date is a mission for Carl Johnson to earn money with his crime partner, Catalina.

Mission Brief[]

Catalina wants more shops to rob for her to control the county. Your next stop is the Inside Track Betting Shop in the town of Montgomery in Red County


Before entering the betting shop, Catalina gives you some Satchel Charges for you to blow up the safe door and the safe. Enter the betting shop. Catalina will say a few words, and she'll instruct you to blow up the door. Throw 1 or 2 charges at the door then detonate them. It is now open, and you will have a 1-star wanted level. Catalina then instructs you to open the safe. Throw another satchel charge, this time at the safe, and then detonate the bomb. Carl will then collect the money, and then exit the betting shop. Outside, you will get a four-star wanted level. So you have to get in the car you came to Inside Track with, and drive to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray in Dillimore. Police will then try to pursue you along the way, so you need to drive quickly. Catalina will also help by doing some drive-bys. When you reach your destination, go inside and respray your car. Go back to Catalina's hideout in Fern Ridge without police attention. Catalina will then compliment you and give you your cut of the money.


The reward is $2000.