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The Western Company Air Ambulance is an emergency helicopter in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and, despite not being named in game, it also appears in Grand Theft Auto V. As the name implies, it's a medical rescue helicopter, being the aerial equivalent of the Ambulance.


GTA Vice City Stories [2][]

The Air Ambulance shares the same helicopter design as the Armadillo (barring a different livery), thus being based on the Bell 412. Like the Armadillo, the Air Ambulance is a relatively large helicopter that nevertheless possesses relatively good speed, with moderately steep pitches that help increase its acceleration at the expense of losing altitude faster. Like most service vehicles in GTA, it lacks a radio. During the creation of Vice City, The Air Ambulance was going to be made as the Coastgard Maverick but was cut after the alpha version.

The Air Ambulance can be used to activate Air Rescue side missions, the airborne equivalent of the Ambulance's Paramedic side mission. Completion of the side mission will boast the player's maximum health.

Grand Theft Auto V[]

In Grand Theft Auto V, red and white Maverick helicopters can be found on top of one of the hospitals with Ambulance written on the fuselage. They are modeled and named in-game after the Police Maverick, therefore having a similar performance to said vehicle. It also lacks a radio.


GTA Vice City Stories[]



  • Both sides of the Air Ambulance's nose bear cursively written text. Due to the poor quality of its texture, the words are somewhat hard to identify.
  • "VCS - 911" is also written on both sides of the helicopter at the turbine engines. 911 is clearly referring to the main emergency number in the United States, but the "VCS" abbreviation, whether coincidental or not, is also a short form for GTA Vice City Stories' title.
  • Although the Air Ambulance does have non-driver seats, they are inaccessible (same goes for the Armadillo). So it is really only a one man vehicle
  • .Unlike Armadillo, the Air Ambulance has the same door sound as the low-grade cars.
  • In GTA V, upon entering the Air Ambulance, it will refer to as the Police Maverick.
  • In GTA V, the Air Ambulance can't be otained in online (without hacking/save game editing) as a regular Maverick takes it's place at the hospital.