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Accidents Will Happen

Game:' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

For: Reni Wassulmaier

Location: Interglobal Films

Target: Stunting

Unlocks: The Colonel's Coke

Air Raid is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Zero from the Zero RC store in the Garcia district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl drops by his newly acquired business, Zero RC, and finds Zero distraught, having discovered that his arch rival Berkley has returned to San Andreas. Whilst Zero tells Carl about his past with Berkley, a 'full scale attack' is launched by Berkley, using RC Barons to attack the transmitters on Zero RC's rooftop. Carl and Zero head to the roof and Carl uses a Minigun to destroy the attacking RC Barons, which Zero explains will allow him to launch a counter attack.


Carl Johnson: Hey, whattup, Zee?

Zero: Nothing is up, Carl, apart from my blood pressure, and the imminent collapse of my hopes and dreams.

Carl Johnson: Why?

Zero: As usual, the forces of darkness have triumphed over good. Life is nothing but misery, briefly interspersed with agony.

Carl Johnson: Homie, what you on? Whatever it is, you need to reduce the dosage.

Zero: Excuse me, but I never take drugs. We all know drugs are for losers, and/or sex maniacs. And right now, sex is the last thing on my mind.

Carl Johnson: Thank God for that!

Zero: Berkley is back!

Carl Johnson: Ooohhh. Berkley.

Zero: Yes.

Carl Johnson: Who the fuck is Berkley?

Zero: Just a man I once beat in fair competition. A man literally obsessed with revenge.

Carl Johnson: Oh, you put hands on him?

Zero: No, please. I never initiate violence.

Carl Johnson: Oh, I know - you knocked his bitch!

Zero: No. I won the prize in the science fair. First prize, that is.

Carl Johnson: And now he wanna pop you?

(Carl laughs)

Carl Johnson: And they say gang bangers is petty and small minded! Hey, what's that bleeping sound?

Zero: That's him! We shall fight to the end!

(Carl and Zero go to the shops roof)

Zero: Berkley's launched a full-scale attack!

Carl Johnson: This is insanity!

Zero: All batteries commence fire! He's going for my transmitters! If he takes them out, I'll never be able to launch a counter attack!

Carl Johnson: No problem man, but they only toys.

Zero: They're not toys! They're just smaller!

(Carl destroys all of Berkley's RC Barons)

Zero: Ha ha ha ha Berkley! As long as we have opposable thumbs, WE WILL FIGHT YOU! ...Well done, Carl. Now leave, I must prepare for the battles ahead! Never have so few owed so many... too little, three... no that's not it, what is it? We will fight him on the beaches, well, rooftops...


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000. Completing the mission unlocks the Supply Lines... mission for Zero.

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