The Rifle Range is a shooting range in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is accessible anytime but the challenge is only available after the mission The Shootist. The shooting range is located inside the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. The challenge is started by standing in the pink marker at the shooting range.

The goal of the challenge is to get at least 30 points within a time limit. The player is given only a pistol with 100 ammo. The challenge is performed in first-person view. Three targets will move from side to side. Each target has five sections that can be shot. The closest target is the fastest and is worth one point. The middle target is worth two points. The farthest and slowest target is worth three points. The target has to have its five parts be shot in order to get points.

Completion of the mission requires 30 points or more. The reward for achieving that is $500. 100% completion requires a score of 45 points or more. The reward for achieving that is faster reload for all weapons.