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The Andromada is a large 4-engine transport airplane in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



While appearing in missions, the Andromada is not actually obtainable by the player in game as there is no animation for opening the door of the plane when entered. However, it can be spawned by way of a third-party trainer program. If the Andromada is spawned, the player can fly it as if it were a normal plane, but with heavier controls similar to the AT-400. The cargo door can also be opened, but nothing can be stored in the plane itself. The plane is not fully "skinned" or completely given textures, and as a result the cockpit windows are dark; while commonly depicted as entirely white, the plane can support a combination of two body colors: One for the fuselage, and the other for the wings, engines, vertical stabilizer and elevators.

The Andromada is based on the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. The name of the plane is spelled "Andromada" in the game instead of "Andromeda", which is the correct spelling for that word.


The interior of the Andromada is also included, but is separate from the actual plane. The interior is in the interior universe high above the sky, with clouds moving outside to simulate the plane itself moving. Parts of the exterior of the plane is visible when standing at the edge of the ramp.

The interior is only enterable via the mission, cheats, or a trainer. Inside the interior you have 2 nets on either side. Going further in you have cargo boxes, then at the front you have a barrel store.


The plane is featured in the mission Stowaway, where Carl Johnson drives a PCJ-600 into the back of the plane, blow it up, and then parachute off. This version of the Andromada is bigger than the one that can be spawned in-game, evidenced by its much wider cargo bay and overall larger shape. The plane is also seen in the mission A Home In The Hills as CJ is on his way to Madd Dogg's mansion. This is evidenced by the shot of the Andromada flying over the The Camel's Toe Casino out of Las Venturas, heading south to Los Santos. Like the AT-400, Andromadas are also seen flying over cities, and fly much faster than AT-400s.


There is a way to access the Andromada during the mission Stowaway. It involves using the blow up all cars cheat before CJ hops on the motorcycle. The plane will not blow up and will be frozen in place but the mission cannot progress. The plane is enterable but if entered, the player will not have control of the plane and will be stuck in the plane.


  • The Andromada was meant to appear in GTA IV, because of the handling line being still in the game's files.[1]


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