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The Angel is a motorcycle that has appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.
The Angel is similar to the Freeway but features minor alterations, including side panniers (saddlebags) and patriotic paintwork it bears a similar look and paintwork to Peter Fonda's motorbike in the film "Easy Rider". The Angel is the gang vehicle of the Biker Gang in Vice City and the Liberty City Biker Gang. In GTA Vice City Stories the vehicle is known as the Biker Angel and features a different blue and orange paint job. The Angel did not appear in Grand Theft Auto IV; however, it returned in the Xbox Live exclusive The Lost and Damned as the preferred vehicle of the rival gang of The Lost Brotherhood, The Angels of Death. In the downloadable content, it is made by Western Motorcycle Company and has also lost its patriotic paint job.

GTA Vice City
*By a wall south of the North Point Mall in Vice Point.
*The Greasy Chopper Bar in Downtown.

'GTA Liberty City Stories'
*Parking lot of the Ferry Terminals, Harwood, Portland Island.
*Head Radio building, Harwood, Portland Island.
*Marco's Bistro, Saint Mark's, Portland Island.
*Lane opposite the police station, Chinatown, Portland Island.
*Liberty City Memorial Stadium parking lot, Belleville Park, Staunton Island.
*Hogs 'n' Cogs store, Belleville Park, Staunton Island. To get it here, the player must bust the windows, using Melee weapons as to avoid exploding the Angel.
*At the cottage in Belleville Park, Staunton Island.
*AMCo. underground garage, Torrington, Staunton Island.
*Western wall of Donald Love's office building, Torrington, Staunton Island.
*Western high rise apartment building, Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale.

'GTA Vice City Stories'
*Parked by every Biker empire site before being taken over.
*Inside the garage by Lance Vance's apartment after "Taking the Fall".
*The Angel used in the mission "Alloy Wheels of Steel" for Mitch Baker has superior handling and acceleration to a normal Angel, and it retains its features after the mission; however, if the player saves it in a garage, it will lose its abilities.
*The Angel plays the following radio stations by default when entered :
** V-Rock in GTA Vice City Stories.
** Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 in GTA IV: The Lost And Damned.