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Arco del Oeste is a rock formation at the northwestern edge of Bone County, San Andreas, just south of Valle Ocultado and west of Las Brujas. It juts into Sherman Reservoir, providing pristine views of nearby Sherman Dam to the south. Its name translates roughly from Spanish as Arc of the West.

It is the primary location of a mission for Mike Toreno, in which you have to shoot down numerous helicopters from atop the rock formation using a rocket launcher to keep a cargo helicopter safe. It is also the end-point for a mission for The Truth later in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in where you have to deliver the "Black Project" to him, who is on top of the rock formation. It once appears in the Las Venturas strand of missions, in where you are tasked yet again by The Truth to rescue two drug addled people, later named as Kent Paul and Maccer.

Stationary Vehicles[]

  • Kart (inside one of the shacks)


  • Parachute (inside one of the shacks)


  • One unique stunt jump