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Ashley Butler
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Ashley Butler is a character voiced by Traci Godfrey in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned. She is twenty-seven years old and is the "old lady" of the Vice-President of The Lost Brotherhood, Johnny Klebitz. She is a known associate of Pegorino Family capo Ray Boccino. The Liberty City Police Department believe she is a link between the Pegorino Family and The Lost Brotherhood. She has been arrested once, in 2001, for being in possession of a controlled substance (namely, cocaine). Butler is a methamphetamine addict.

Boccino convinced Ashley to use The Lost to steal several diamonds from Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. She may have had a relationship with Ray; in the GTA IV mission Taking in the Trash, he seemed to care about her and her addiction.

After completion of The Lost and Damned's storyline, Ashley will call to ask for forty dollars. Johnny declines, saying that he never wants to see or talk to her again. She e-mails Johnny twice more. The first e-mail says that she got kicked out of rehab, but that it wasn't her fault. Johnny again says that he wants her out of his life. The second e-mail replies that she checked back into rehab, and is doing well. Johnny tells her that she is doing a good job, but still tells her he wants nothing more to do with her. She is not heard from again after this point.

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