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Auntie Poulet is an elderly Haitian matriarch, leader of the Haitian gang (which she also uses as her own protection). She gives Tommy Vercetti mind-altering voodoo potions to get him to cooperate in the missions she wants him to undertake. This includes acting against the Cubans, with whom he has friendly relations. However, when the potion's effects wear off, Tommy shows no memory of what he has done for the Haitians.

Ultimately, she cuts her ties with him and wishes that he not return to Little Haiti, but if Tommy does do so, he receives a final phone call from Auntie Poulet ("Why you coming here fee? Me tell you we don't want to see you around here no more") and makes permanent enemies of the Haitian gang. Following Poulet's final mission, Tommy is given the opportunity to destroy the Haitians' main drug operations plant. Auntie Poulet was voiced by Youree Dell Harris, better known as infamous "psychic hotline" spokeswoman Miss Cleo.

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  • In the PS2 version of the game, Auntie Poulet wears a yellow dress with matching head wrap, similar to that featured on her box art. However, in the X-Box version, she wears a purple dress with matching head wrap.
  • "Poulet" is a French word for "Chicken".

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