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Games: GTA Liberty City Stories

Type: Chapter Enemies: Liberty City Bikers, Liberty City Car Jacking gangs

Vehicles: Avenger

Members: Jesus Max Sentenz (leader of the Angels),Toni Cipriani

You've seen them walking the streets, patrolling and keeping the neighborhood safe, working to put an end to violence on the streets of Liberty City. The Avenging Angels are a gang of vigilantes seen in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. They are based on the real-life "Guardian Angels", a non-profit, international, volunteer organization of unarmed citizen crime patrollers. The Avenging Angels seek to clean Liberty City's streets of crime in their own "special" way. Avenging Angels members are required to don a members-only beret and jacket, similar to the uniforms of the Guardian Angels. However, Avenging Angels berets are black (Green Bandanas in the PS2 version), green jackets as opposed to red used on both the berets and jackets of the Guardian Angels. Avenging Angels members also sport long combat pants, a T-shirt of varied designs and colors.

Liberty City Stories[]

The Angels always work in pairs, and Toni Cipriani joined them to fight the crime in the city. If a player opts to work with the Avenging Angels, recruit members of the organization in side missions he's missions will be to fight against Liberty City's underground biker gangs, carjacking gangs, dispatching riotous mobs by any means possible with special vehicles and outfits offered up as rewards.


After the player finishes the sets of missions on the different boroughs, they will be rewarded.

Portland Island[]

The player will receive a bulletproof and fireproof Avenger.

Staunton Island[]

Toni gets to pay nothing whenever busted by the police.

Shoreside Vale[]

The Hero Garb will be available at every safehouse.