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| image= Ballas ELS.jpg | type = Afro-American Street Gang | game = SA | locations = East Los Santos
Glen Park
Verona Beach | colors = Purple | cars = Tahoma, Majestic | fronts = Big Smoke's Crack Palace, Idlewood Crack House, B-Dup's Home in Glen Park | enemies = Grove Street Families | leader = BallasTemplate:PipeUnknown | weapons = 9mm, Micro-SMG | businesses = Drug dealing/manufacturing, Gun-running, Prostitution | members = Kane, Ryder, Big Smoke, B-Dup, Little Weasel | affiliations = Los Santos Vagos, San Fierro Rifa, Loco Syndicate, Russian Mafia, C.R.A.S.H. |}}

The Ballas are the Grove Street Families primary enemy and most influential gang in Los Santos, having been around since the 1970s.

[1] In the begining of the game the are the most powerful street gang in Los Santos. They are involved in drug dealing, gang banging, prostitution, arms dealing, vandalism, degeneracy, but mainly, the cocaine trade. They are likely to be based on the Crips.

The Ballas are rivals with Grove Street Families and the Varrios Los Aztecas, and have ties with the Los Santos Vagos, the San Fierro Rifa, and the Loco Syndicate for narcotics, and the Russian Mafia for weapons. The Ballas also collaborate with CRASH. In addition, Big Smoke defects against the GSF to lead the Ballas with his lieutenant Ryder. Unlike the GSF, the Ballas have no reservations about making money by selling drugs; the spread of crack cocaine into the Grove Street community is part of their strategy to wipe the GSF out.

The Ballas briefly control the streets of Los Santos alongside the Vagos after Grove Street leader Sweet Johnson is gunned down and arrested. They control the influence of the Families by using crack cocaine to turn GSF members into hopeless addicts totally dependent on them. However, following the release of Sweet from prison and the return of Carl Johnson, the Grove Street Families dominate the Ballas. The Ballas' Crack Palace is heavily demolished by Officer Frank Tenpenny, resulting in significantly reduced influence by the Ballas in Los Santos. The Ballas are seen with purple bandanas, black skullcaps, knee high socks and flip-flop sandals, khaki pants and dark blue shirts.

There are four known sets of Ballas: The Front Yard Ballas, The Rollin' Heights Ballas, the Kilo Trays, and the Temple Drive Ballas. All Ballas are recognizable by their mainly purple attire, which is the identifying color for the gang.

Gang Cars[]

Although they are seen with Voodoos in some missions, the Ballas only have two Gang Cars, the Tahoma and the Majestic. the Tahoma is a lowrider and sometimes appears with Hydraulics. The radio station that they listen to is Bounce FM.


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