Deconstruction for Beginners is a mission given to Niko Bellic by Playboy X to clear a construction site taking over by the union and the Mafia. It is Playboy's first mission for Niko.

Playboy X wants a real estate developer named Yusuf Amir to be on his team. However, Amir is completely ignoring X. Playboy sends Niko to gun down every last Union (Mafia) goon on a construction site. X believes that Yusuf will then notice that Playboy X means business.

Playboy X invites Niko over and explains that he wants the attention of a real estate developer (Yusuf Amir). The only way that will happen is if Niko guns through every Union leader on a construction site in southern Algonquin. Then Amir will believe that X means business.

Drive with Playboy X to a construction site in Castle Gardens, Algonquin. Get into the van that is waiting in the alleyway. After you get in and then back out of the weapons van, Playboy will get onto an elevating platform at the side of a nearby building. You can choose to follow him and go up to the roof, or eliminate the lookouts from the sidewalk.

Once you are on the roof or sidewalk, get out a sniper and take out the three lookout "cats" on the cranes. Once you've done that, head into the construction site and run towards the first Union leader. Take him out with an M4A1 and finish off all the goons around his body.

Once you've killed everyone on ground level, run up the wooden board at the back of the site and get onto the second "floor". Immediately gain cover and use grenades to take out the second Union leader. Then use a powerful weapon to eliminate the goons near the spot that he died.

Go left around the corner and regain cover. Use a strong weapon to take out the goons and the third union leader. Get out of cover and run ahead. The fourth leader has started to run and guards are on their way in a helicopter. Playboy warns Niko of the guards in the helicopter. Kill the guards and continue to chase the fourth Union leader. Once you see him in the open, take out any weapon and shoot him to death. It shouldn't be hard, because at one point, he will stop running and let himself die.

After you kill the fourth union leader, you will be paid and Playboy X will call to debrief you. The reward cash is $6,500.

* Four Union/Mafia leaders* Many goons hanging around the construction site