Higgins Helitours is a helitour company in Grand Theft Auto IV. It gives helitours at a price of $150. All helitours are conducted with the company's own Mavericks. A Higgins advertisement on TV boasts the advantages of helitours over bus tours, claiming a fun and safe adventure in the sky (while footage shows various helicopters crashing at land and sea. Fortunately, there is no such danger when the player takes a tour). The name Higgins is apparently a reference to a character in the TV show Magnum P.I., and the tour company was originally to be named "Magnum Helitours". <ref>Post on GTAForums</ref>

Types Of Tours
*Around Broker and Dukes
*West Algonquin
*North Algonquin
*The major bridges

Flying all tours at least once will earn the player the Sightseer achievement. The different tours are obtainable by boarding each of the helicopters in turn. Not all helicopters will be there at the same time; usually two or three at a time are available.


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