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Laundromats are a self-service laundry facilities they are seen throughout the GTA III Era and in Grand Theft Auto IV.

GTA Vice City
In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a laundromat in Little Havana has a Tracksuit clothing pickup. The store clerk can be robbed and have to be robbed as part of 100% completion.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, a laundromat is introduced to the player during the mission Hung Out to Dry. There are several laundromats around Liberty City, all of them are accessible to the player. However, the laundromat serves little purpose to the player as the player is unable to dispense clothes inside the washing machine. Pedestrians can be seen inside but won't dispense clothes as well. However, the player can steal money from the cash register but by doing that will cause the player to earn a wanted star level. The laundromats have a fleet of but the vans are only seen in certain missions.