Republican Space Rangers is a show that's viewable on the TV in Niko Bellic's safehouses in Grand Theft Auto IV and at The Lost MC Clubhouse in The Lost and Damned. The plot consists of three white, not-very-secretly homosexual redneck American men who patrol the universe searching for and eliminating what they perceive to be threats to America. Their suits are akin to MJOLNIR Spartan armor from the Halo series. This is the first cartoon show in the GTA series. It has a mix of humor, violence, and use of drugs.

*Unknown Episode: The RSR bomb an orphanage and then destroy a planet.
*Episode 456: Seen in The Lost and Damned. Tired of his treatment, Butch leaves Commander and Dick. They proclaim that Butch has become gay and a communist.

The Cast
*Commander: Commander is the leader of the squad. He is always seen with a cigar in his mouth.

*Dick: Dick seems to be second in command. He has a mustache and wears a red headband. He hero-worships the Commander, and often wishes for the next time he might be subject to the Commander's "warm, hairy embrace." Although generally sharing the same bloodlust as his two companions, Dick has a shining moment of clarity by whispering, "No, the enemy is inside" after the Commander screams that the enemy is "out there boys!" Shortly after, however, he partakes in the genocide of an alien race with glee.

*Butch: Butch is the tall, obese pilot of the ship who carries two guns. He has a distinctive, hillbilly-esque voice and is the dumbest of the three. His helmet's visor has his own spit on it. Butch's stupidity is often exemplified by groupthink actions (such as agreeing with the other two on any level) and his primitive desire to kill on sight.

*Republican Space Rangers is a parody of modern American foreign policy, especially in Iraq.
*Their suits look like Spartan armor from Halo, and one of the trailers for the show features a Halo Ring like object in the background.
*Their spaceship is phallic in shape, continuing the tradition of phallic images appearing in GTA games.
*The fact that Dick hero-worships Commander may be a reference to the popular machinima series Red vs Blue, in which the character Dick Simmons is seen as a "kiss-ass" toward Sarge, his Commander. This can further be supported by the fact that the Rangers' suits look like Master Chief's armor.
*Johnny Klebitz insulted Malc on how each other dresses, claiming that Malc's gang dresses like the Republican Space Rangers.